Breakthrough Prayers


Health is an important area in all our lives, now more than ever! Health matters to God too, very much! Read these prayers whether you are sick or not and allow the Word of God to heal you from the inside out!

Mothers and daughters


Nowadays there are so many issues surrounding the family. Be it marriage problems, disruptive teenage behaviour, health problems, financial stress and so on. But the Bible reminds us that whatever is impossible for man is possible for God. The family unit is an essential part of society so whatever concerns the family concerns God!

money in a jar


In 1748 Benjamin Franklin coined the phrase’ time is money’. Read powerful prayers here that will develop your understanding of finances and how to use them to advance the kingdom of God.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

In Corinthians Apostle Paul encourages the believers to get off milk and get onto meat, spiritual meat. Studying the word, having quality devotional time, worshipping God etc. takes time. effort and hard work. But in the Christian walk growth this is essential.  If a baby didn’t grow the parents would be very worried, it’s the same with faith. Everyday we need a deeper revelation and understanding about the ways, the will and the word of God.